Windows στο OLPC?

April 28, 2007 at 7:13 am | Posted in microsoft, olpc, one laptop per child | 1 Comment

Μάλιστα, Windows στο laptop των φτωχών,

όπως το Yahoo!news και το AP αναφέρουν

Even at $175, the computers upend the standard economics in the PC industry. A huge reason has been XO’s use of the free, open-source


operating system, tweaked for this project with the help of one of its sponsors, Red Hat Inc.

The result is that XO’s software is highly original, in hopes of making the computer useful as a collaborative tool and intuitive for children who have never before encountered a computer. There are no windows or folders, but rather an interface heavily reliant on pictographic icons.

However, Negroponte disclosed that XO’s developers have been working with Microsoft Corp. so a version of Windows can run on the machines as well. It could be the $3 software package that Microsoft announced last week for governments that subsidize student computers. It includes

Windows XP

Starter Edition and some of Microsoft’s “productivity” software.

Word of Microsoft’s involvement was somewhat striking given that the software company and its closest corporate partner, Intel Corp., have questioned whether the One Laptop Per Child’s computers will do much to stimulate educational gains.

Bill Gates

once denigrated the machine as not being a “decent computer.” And Intel is pushing its own inexpensive computer for developing countries, the $400 Classmate PC.

Εάν δεν θυμάστε πρόσφατα το περίφημο λειτουργικό σύστημα του OLPC πρόσφατα έγινε διαθέσιμο σαν image από την Red Hat όσο αφορά την προσφορά την Microsoft με κόστος 3 δολάρια δεν είναι και ότι δελεαστικότερο έχουμε δεί.


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