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Novell SEC (Securities and Exchange Commision) (, ).





Microsoft Confidential.

3 GPL .

If the Free Software Foundation releases a new version of the GNU General Public License with certain currently proposed terms, our business may suffer harm.

The GNU General Public License, or GPL, is an open source license that governs significant amounts of code used on a royalty-free basis in Linux distributions such as SUSE Linux. The Free Software Foundation, or FSF, owns the copyright to the GPL as well as software licensed under the GPL that is generally considered integral to Linux distributions. In January 2006, the FSF released a draft of a new version of the GPL known as “GPLv3,” which it intends to use for future software releases once it is finalized. The FSF is currently seeking comment on GPLv3, and a final version is expected by July 2007. Once issued, open source developers and IT vendors may elect to provide software under GPLv3, though software made available under earlier GPL versions will remain available under those earlier versions.

On November 2, 2006, we announced a new relationship with Microsoft. Among other things, Microsoft agreed to make covenants with our customers not to assert its patents against them. Microsoft also purchased coupons that it can distribute to customers who can in turn redeem them for subscriptions to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The FSF criticized our deal with Microsoft because it only provides patent protections for our customers rather than for all licensees of GPL software, and on March 28, 2007, the FSF released a new draft of GPLv3, known as “Discussion Draft 3,” that includes provisions intended to negate at least part of our Microsoft agreement.

Discussion Draft 3 includes a term intended to require Microsoft to make the same patent covenants that our customers receive to all recipients of the GPLv3 software included in our products. It also includes a license condition intended to preclude companies from entering into patent arrangements such as our agreement with Microsoft by prohibiting any company that has entered into such an arrangement from distributing GPLv3 code. This license condition does not apply to arrangements entered before March 28, 2007, so as currently proposed it would not apply to our agreement with Microsoft; however, the FSF specifically indicated that this “grandfathering” condition is tentative and may be dropped depending on feedback the FSF receives.

If the final version of GPLv3 contains terms or conditions that interfere with our agreement with Microsoft or our ability to distribute GPLv3 code, Microsoft may cease to distribute SUSE Linux coupons in order to avoid the extension of its patent covenants to a broader range of GPLv3 software recipients, we may need to modify our relationship with Microsoft under less advantageous terms than our current agreement, or we may be restricted in our ability to include GPLv3 code in our products, any of which could adversely affect our business and our operating results. In such a case, we would likely explore alternatives to remedy the conflict, but there is no assurance that we would be successful in these efforts.




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